I'm Nico
Web-maker and
HTML/CSS expert
And Ukulele Hero
I work here :
With people here:

I have Super Powers

I can reshape HTML with CSS :

No pictures or flash up there, just CSS I think you got the idea now For crime by night call Batman. For CSS call me !

I know what's important

Web semantic
as it must be
Directly from the ghost of
Shakespeare to my keyboard
Top Performances
Faster than a rocket !
Faster than
TWO rockets !!!
Clean code
Because Google
like it like that.

If you are slow, visitor will go

A slow web site penalizes your SEO and make your visitors run away to never come back...
I really hope you are terrifed now.

My code is hand-made-oriented, concise, clear and efficient.

It's the only way to save your site from this tragedy

I can do the fastest websites in the world, can't you see?
My compression recipes are well known all over the galaxy!

More seriously : can you guess the weight of this website ?

Click here to know

I have seen
the sacred light

As a proud member of the Pastafariste Church for User Experience and Web Marketing,
I know my priorities in life.

My goal is to boost your business and I always have some questions:

  • What is your product/service ?
  • How is the market ?
  • and where are you in it ?
  • Who are your customers ?
  • What do they want ?
  • How do they think?

Once the target is identified a good ergonomic design will act as a "coup de grace" to convert your visitors.

Responsivity is a fad

Soon we will all have cybernetics instead.

Waiting for this day I only do responsive. Tab or Phone, choose your weapon :

Tab (768x1024)
Click me
Phone (480x800)
Click me

What else ?

Else I can do some web design, I have good programming foundations, especially JavaScript/JQuery, PHP & SQL.
I like to do animations, cute effects and play with SVG.
I'm experienced with Bootstrap 2 and 3 and can use any CSS framework.
Github ? Yep, I use Github.
Coffee ? Yep, far too much.
Ukulele ? Yep, I play Ukulele.


He is a lonely wolf,
frozen and icy.
My mom
I looove you
My 7 years old niece,
2 weeks before christmas
You're a cool guy
My ex-girlfriend
when she dumped me
HTML27 ko
CSS28 ko
Pictures44 ko
java-script12 ko
jQuery88 ko
PHP0.5 ko
Total179.5 ko
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